Conversations for Awareness on Religion & the Environment (C.A.R.E.) is a three-part online public forum on the theme of religion and the environment. The forum will bring in expert panelists from the religious and scientific communities to discuss the theme through an inter-disciplinary and intersectional approach. The conversations aim to raise awareness about the need for individuals and religious communities to step up efforts to care for the environment through practical ways such as reduction of waste, recycling and education on crises afflicting the Earth. #CARE

Rites and Rituals

This first run of a 3-part online workshop targets English-speaking Buddhists and non-Buddhists on the purpose and philosophy behind Buddhist rites and rituals in order to make it meaningful and understandable to lay people and the uninitiated.


ICBuddhism monthly podcast series aims to engage contemporary Buddhist issues and promote values from within Buddhist traditions for the general English-speaking practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

Modern Religions In Cross-Cultural Context

This online discussion series engaged Buddhists and non-Buddhists of various backgrounds on factors that shaped Buddhism in the modern world, particularly with the emergence of what is known as 'humanistic Buddhism'. Observably, there are similarities in how the other religions responded to the challenges of modernity. Each session dealt with how cross-cultural encounters in the modern era had shaped the various strands we see in each religion.

Symposium on Disruptions

Unleashing Intrinsic Qualities to Succeed in This Era of Disruptions. Modern civilisation has transformed the world into a closely inter-dependent village characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Perhaps, the only word that best depicts our life today is “Disruption”.

Faith and the Environment

How has COVID-19 profoundly influenced our understanding about the relationship between faith and the environment? In what ways can religions contribute towards sustained and impactful environmental action? What are some common spiritual values that can guide us when exploring pertinent environmental issues? And what lessons can COVID-19 offer to people of faith as well as environmentalists in a post-pandemic world?