Executive Summary

Institute of Chinese Buddhism (ICBuddhism) is a not-for- profit company limited by guarantee charged with the strategic intent of providing quality education and learning services to the English-speaking communities so as to get to know, learn, practise and eventually derive spiritual benefits from the cultivation of Teachings of Chinese Buddhism. Qualified and credible Dharma teachers, scholars, monastics and lay practitioners will be invited on board to expound subject contents via lectures, workshops, retreats etc.

Our Mission

Institute of Chinese Buddhism (ICBuddhism) will provide quality English education and learning services that integrate study and practice in accordance with the Buddhist doctrine.


The spiritual richness of Chinese Buddhism has been attested by its valuable scriptures, cultural influences, as well as its flexibility to interact with diverse cultural traditions worldwide. The value of Chinese Buddhism is particularly illustrated by some extremely important Buddhist scriptures available only in Chinese. These scriptures contain important messages from the Buddha about how to live a better life through a deeper understanding and improvement of oneself, others, and the world through the Bodhisattva’s efforts of six pāramitās or six perfections.

In Singapore and the South-East Asia region in general, due to the availability of and accessibility to learning resources for Chinese Buddhism in English, the study and practice of Chinese Buddhism is often very challenging to the vast majority of English speaking communities. We strive to bring Chinese Buddhism to people’s daily life by creating an affordable and accessible platform for English speakers who wish to enrich their daily lives with thoughts and/or practice of Chinese Buddhism. Furthermore, the possibilities of using the Buddhist heritages to improve modern society and to help solving some modern issues will also be explored.

The Approach

Institute of Chinese Buddhism (ICBuddhism) will achieve this mission by inviting qualified and credible Dharma teachers, scholars, monastics and lay practitioners to teach a series of programs including a structured course on the six pāramitās (perfections), series of lectures covering the history of Chinese Buddhism, thoughts of Buddhist schools, Buddhist iconography and a whole array of workshops and various types of retreats.

With foundation based on the teaching and practice of Chinese Buddhism, we engage renowned scholars of various disciplines for interdisciplinary dialogues to explore if the wisdom contained in the Buddhist scriptures and practice can provide some new perspectives for challenges posed by globalization, information technology, genetic engineering, environmental issues, and various issues that people are facing in the modern world.